If You’re A Parent Looking For Some Help, Reviewers Call These Products A ‘Miracle’

Popular products include:

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Bob Books, Set 1: Beginning Readers

The set comes with 12 books.

Promising review: “My 4-year-old daughter has known letters and sounds since just past her second birthday and could ‘read’ a few sight words, but she had a hard time mastering the process of sounding out a word. For the last two years, she would read the word ‘stop’ as ‘sss- tuh- ah- puh,’ but didn’t understand how to really blend the phonemes. But somehow, as soon as we got them for her, Bob Books finally unlocked the part of her brain that could really solve the puzzle of phonics! I’m thrilled by the amount of progress we’ve seen in just TWO DAYS— going from ‘getting’ phonics, but not really reading, to completely consolidating and understanding the two concepts. She’s also very suddenly taken up a lot of initiative in independent writing and spelling. I couldn’t recommend these books more highly. They are a miracle!!” —Juniper

Promising review:Miracle for my ADHD son. My 6-year-old son is in 1st grade and teaching him to read has been nothing short of a major challenge and a battle of wills…until we received these books. When I told him I got some books just for the two of us, he was really excited. Let me tell you, his excitement was nothing compared to mine when he sat down yesterday and read ALL 12 OF THEM out loud in one sitting with very minimal help from me. I was in tears watching and listening to him and couldn’t believe my ears. The look on his face when he realized he was reading by himself was absolutely priceless. I will definitely be purchasing the next set soon since he is loving these so much. They are very basic which is exactly what he needed to start building his confidence (and vocabulary) and are simple, cute little stories. I don’t normally write reviews on products, but from a mom nearly at her wit’s end, thank you! These products have given my little boy (and this mom) confidence that yes, he too can succeed!” — txmom78

A leave-in conditioning spray for curly hair

Reviewers say this spray will leave wavy or curly hair (from 2a–4c hair) shiny, soft, and bouncy.

Promising review:Miracle product. My 4-year-old has long, curly hair. She sleeps like she’s in an MMA ring and subsequently wakes up with hair matted and tangled. She cries if you brush it because it’s obviously a nightmare. I got this and spray it all over her dry hair and HOLY MOLY where has this been?! The brush glides through her hair with no issue. I don’t know what magical unicorn made this stuff but I swear by this now!” — Meghan Anne

And a detangling brush

Reviewers swear this brush works on all hair types: straight, wavy, or curly (from 3a–4c hair).

Promising review:Miracle brush for wild toddler hair. My toddler has a mean case of the tangles every morning. I don’t know what she does in the night, but she wakes up with a rat’s nest on the back of her head every morning. It was like torture every morning to brush her baby fine (but dense) hair. I felt horrible. I tried everything and every kind of brush, to no avail. Finally, I found this one. I use a detangling spray and this brush, and she now actually enjoys getting her hair brushed! Her little ringlets are restored and her hair looks beautiful every day with minimal effort. I would buy this brush 10x over,just to not make her cry from the tangled mess. Highly recommend! (and always start detangling from the bottom up, that’s a big help!)” — Chimney161

A set of starter spoons

The set includes a stage one spoon and stage two spoon. The first stage spoon doubles as a teether and is designed to introduce babies to holding utensils and exploring purees as they soothe their sore gums. The second stage spoon is capable of holding more food and can even be loaded with solids for the child to grab and eat.

Note: The spoons don’t have a stopper, so please supervise your babies to make sure they don’t stick the spoon too far back in their mouth. Recommended for ages 6 months+.

Promising review: “I’m sorry, but these are the most brilliant things, ever. They totally work as described. They were a miracle for my developmentally delayed son!” — Beth

A mushroom pacifier and teether

Note: Please supervise your baby when using this, and make sure it’s never flipped inside out.

Promising review: “Miracle. My 3-month-old has been a struggle when it comes to using any kind of toy to get her off the boob or her fingers. She took to this IMMEDIATELY.” — Jinx

A bug bite suction tool

Promising review:This is a miracle-worker for my toddler. I bought this after receiving a spider bite on my foot, that was already healed when it came in. Two days after delivery, my 2.5 year old got stung by a bee or wasp and was screaming and in tears. I broke this out, and he immediately went from screaming to laughing as I used it. It was amazing. He got his second sting today, and the same thing happened—instant pain relief. I don’t know what I would do without this thing. Plus, he likes to play with it afterwards which further calms him down. A+++” — Briley Black

A game-changing medicine dispenser and syringe combo

Promising review: “My 15-month-old got her first ear infection and she REFUSES medication so I didn’t know how we were going to survive the 10 days of 2x/day antibiotics. She never took to a pacifier so I was skeptical this would work, but it is a MIRACLE PRODUCT! My toddler now happily grabs it and sucks down her medication. I love how you can attach any plastic syringe to it, so it will work great for Advil/Motrin/Tylenol too. I also find it really easy to clean. I am going to tell ALL parents to get this ASAP!” — Jennifer YagerPromising review: “EVERY PARENT NEEDS THIS!! It is seriously amazing and saved us. My daughter has reflux and needs meds 2x/day. The med is bitter and she was gagging and spitting it out until we got this. I give her the pacifier while changing her diaper and then inject the medicine once she’s sucking on it for a minute and it goes right down. No fighting or tears and most importantly, no loss of medicine. MIRACLE.” —IBFab

A box of Avarelle hydrocolloid patches

Promising review:These are a miracle. Why didn’t these exist when I was a teen? They are amazing. The clear up my son’s skin without leaving the horrible red marks on his skin. Sometimes they take more than one night to get rid of but they definitely keep his skin looking nicer. He has not had those wicked red marks since we discovered this product. They are great! If you have a teen or get acne yourself, definitely use these!!!” — NLAPromising review: “I bought this for my daughter because I liked the ingredients. She is a tween and getting pimple patches in various places on her face. I put three small patches on her forehead before she went to bed. In the morning, the pimples were totally flat! The pimples were still red but the gross, almost soon to be whiteheads were gone. I was amazed. So amazed that I tried it on one of my pimples and now I am a customer for life. These patches are incredible and they do work! I always read reviews before buying a product I put on my daughter and I wanted to do a good deed by leaving a review for other mom’s that are wary about chemicals nowadays. It works!!! There isn’t an explanation on the box how it does work, but I think it’s some kind of absorption of the yucky pimple puss. It was weird to me at first it didn’t clarify that but now…I could care less. I know these patches will work future miracles for me and my daughter. Thank you for making this product.” — Amazon customer

A cult-favorite stain remover

Promising review: “This stuff is magical! It’s super easy to use, and it works on almost any stain! My daughter made fluffy slime today, and by the time she was done, there was purple fluffy slime all over her dress. I scrubbed it with this stain remover, and threw it in the wash thinking there’s no way the stains will get out. I was pleasantly surprised when I pulled the dress out, and there wasn’t a single remnant of the slime on it. It was a laundry miracle! Love this stuff and will continue to use it for everything!!” — Amazon customer

A viral TikTok toothbrush holder and dispenser

This bad boy includes a toothpaste dispenser that’ll squeeze out every last ounce, four cups and holders, and a place to store your toothbrushes.

Promising review:Where has this been my entire life? I saw this on an Instagram ad and bought one. It is a miracle. My kids no longer leave open half squeezed toothpaste all over the bathroom. Everything is nice and organized and clean! I also like the added cups. They are a nice bonus.” — M Go

An inexpensive portable white noise machine

Promising review: “I don’t think I’ve ever written a product review but this sound machine has been a life saver! My kiddo fights naps like nobody’s business and will only sleep in a dark room with a sound machine after being bounced and rocked. We had a 10-hour drive to see my family for Christmas and I bought this hoping it would help him sleep in his car seat. It was a miracle worker! He slept in his car seat and for the first time ever slept well over and hour by himself when we used it during a nap at my family’s house too. Highly recommend this product!!” — Rachael Cox

A Haakaa manual silicone breast pump

Promising review:Best purchase of my life. I can not rave enough about this product. I’ll be buying for any baby showers or friends. I recommend this constantly. I’ve been using for about a month now and I get 2-3 6oz bottles just from putting this on while feeding. It takes a few times and adjusting to get the hang of putting it on but once you get it it’s a miracle worker. I haven’t used my electric pump since I got this product and couldn’t be happier not hearing that horrible noise anymore. Really wish I had this for my first daughter would’ve saved me a lot of time. Highly highly recommend” — Taylor

A waterproof potty training watch

You can preset intervals of 30 minutes, 60 minutes, 90 minutes, 2 hours and 3 hours. The watch has an inbuilt proximity sensor and only sounds alerts when it is worn so no need to turn it off at night. How smart is that?

Promising review:Good grief this thing works miracles. My 3-year-old son just seemed to have all types of issues with potty training. He loves (this watch) and only takes it off to charge it. I’ve even noticed he now wakes up in the middle of the night to go to the restroom on his own. We take the watch off to charge it overnight but I’m sure the watch is contributing to him understanding his body. Seriously I can go on and about how this watch is perfect for stubborn babies learning to go the ‘potty’. Just buy it.” — Natalie Peterson

And an anti-slip potty training seat

Promising review: “I usually don’t leave reviews on Amazon but I feel compelled to this time. To parents stressing out about potty training your older toddler, this is it. Of all the types of potty seats I tried, the one with the ladder like this one works the best. First, the portable potty seat. I bought the Munchkin Grip training seat. It sucks as the pee will leak through the rim of the toilet seat. Second, potty chair. I bought the Joovy Loo one as it explicitly advertised to be ‘fit for bigger kids’. However, it doesn’t do the job for my 3.5 years old who’s like the size of a 5-year-old. My son simply told me ‘Mommy, it’s too small.’ Out of desperation of an epic fail of potty training, I immediately order this one on Amazon with my fingers crossed. The miracle happened! Once I introduced it to my son, you can tell he feel so much safer with both hands gripping the side handles and both feet rest securely on the steps. He was able to pee on it the first day and poo the second day. We are able to complete the potty training in a matter of a week. This one is god sent. I highly recommend it to parents whose toddlers are resistant to potty training.” — zhyunjia

A cradle cap comb

New parents, don’t panic. Cradle cap (aka seborrheic dermatitis) is a very common dry scalp condition that affects infants.

Promising review: “Our 2.5-year-old had incredibly stubborn cradle cap. Home remedies, doctor visits to rule out other issues, special shampoo… nothing we tried could break down the plaque-like crusties all over our kiddo’s head. We stumbled across this comb in a parenting blog and I figured ‘what’s $5 if it might help’… It’s a miracle!! We used their comb in combination with shampoos meant to help with cradle cap. Massage in shampoo and use this comb right against the scalp. Our toddler didn’t mind me unless I pulled his hair with the comb bristles by accident. After a couple of weeks of using the comb during bath time — just a few minutes a night — the cradle cap is GONE. Best $5 I ever spent.” — Alex

Promising review:I have a new baby. I do not have time to write reviews. Yet here I am, writing a review for this little miracle. MIRACLE!!! I have (had) the most adorable little baby with (mild) cradle cap. A few minutes with this beautiful little device and it’s all gone! My babies head is a shiny, clean, beautiful, sweet-smelling little thing.” — Lana

A weighted blanket

Promising review: “This blanket has changed our lives! My daughter used to get into bed at night and not be able to lie still. She’d constantly get out of bed and call us etc. From the first night we started using this blanket it has been a miracle worker. She lies still in bed which helps her fall asleep more easily and even when she doesn’t fall asleep right away she stays in bed and doesn’t call us. It seems to just calm her. Highly recommend! We’ve been using it for about 6 weeks now.” — Fischman

And a 3-in-1 night-light, sound machine and time-to-rise device

You’ll be eternally grateful to catch a few extra ZZZs in the morning.

Promising review: “My son, my great sleeper, all of a sudden decided between 4 and 4:30 was a good time to wake up. He was cranky, throwing fits and needing naps a solid two hours before his normal. >2 weeks of this and we found THIS MIRACLE. My son knows his colors really well and this was the perfect solution. We also desperately needed to replace our battery-operated sound machine (replacing the batteries every month is not cost effective). This ‘Hatch’ as this is now called at home changed my son’s sleeping in ONE NIGHT. He woke up, saw it wasn’t the color it needed to be to come find mommy and daddy and he went back to sleep. I figured it was too good to be true, however four nights in. I’ve set it to change colors later and later and he is officially sleeping till 6 a.m. again. I’m in LOVE. Totally recommended to anyone struggling with sleeping toddlerdom.” — Steph Pence